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We offer a variety of options to match different requests and situations that we commonly see from our clients. If you require something different, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Birth Doula Package
Extended Care Package
Educational support
Doula 101
Birth Doula Package
The Birth Doula Package
  • Prior to Labor:
    • 2 in-person prenatal visits lasting 45-90 minutes each
    • Unlimited phone and email support through pregnancy and postpartum
    • Assistance in selecting a caregiver
    • Referrals to local resources
    • Assistance in creating your birth plan
    • Instruction on positions for labor and comfort measures
  • When Labor Starts:
    • Unlimited in-person labor support form active labor to birth
    • 24/7 on call availability for your birth
    • Assistance in capturing memories of birth through photos
    • Experienced doula support during laboring time at home and/or birthing place as needed
  • After Labor:
    • Postpartum immediate support for up to 1-2 hours following birth
    • Initial breastfeeding/first latching assistance as needed
    • 1 postpartum visit in-home within 2 weeks following the birth
  • Throughout:
    • Emotional, physical, and educational support 
    • Phone, text, and email support 24/7, during pregnancy and  postpartum
$ 1550
Extended Care Package
Extended Care Doula Package
  • Everything from The Birth Doula Package
  • An additional 16 hours of in-hospital doula companion after birth. This option is ideal for families that require extra support during the critical hours following birth.
  • Package is limited to one family pre month.
$ 2600
Educational support
Doula Prenatal and educational Package
  • One (1)  90 min in person prenatal meeting covering birth plan preparation and comfort measures for labor.
  • Access to doula through text messages form pregnancy, labor and up until 2 weeks after birth

  • Referral to local resources

  • Assistance in selecting a caregiver

    • If family decides to have doula in person and doula's availability allows for it, the difference in packages pricing will apply.
$ 650
Doula 101
Doula 101

    Do you want to talk to a doula, get doula assistance with specific needs, get insights on our local birth community? A video  conference with the doula might be for you.

    $ 90/hour (2 hours minimum)
    $ 180

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