Services & Fees

  The Birth doula package 

  • Full labor in person support!
  • First free introductory meeting through video. In person meeting is available a transport fee may apply.
  • 2 in person 45-90min prenatal visits.
  • Phone, text and email support 24/7, during pregnancy and up to 2 weeks postpartum;
  • Access to my lending library and referrals to local resources;
  • Assistance in creating your birth plan;
  • Positions for labor and comfort measures instruction;
  • Emotional, physical, and educational support during pregnancy, labor, birth and immediate postpartum;
  • Experienced doula support during laboring time at home and/or birthing place as needed;
  • Assistance in collecting the memories of birth through photos when possible as desired;
  • Postpartum  support for up to 1-2 hours following the birth;
  • Initial breastfeeding/ first latching assistance;
  • Postpartum visit within 2 weeks following the birth.
Investment: The fee for doula services is $1250.  A portion of this fee is required when you hire your doula to secure your due date on my calendar. Payment plans available. Contact me to schedule our free introductory meeting. Contact now.
VĂ­deo/phone support only: Ideal for families at long distances and out of US. Covers the same support above through video during pregnancy, labor and immediate postpartum. Includes the reserve of your due date on my calendar.


Doula prenatals only / childbirth education 

  • Consists of 8 hrs of customized childbirth preparation video meetings organized in sessions and scheduled at the time that work best for you.  
  • Birth plan counseling;
  • Positions for labor and comfort measures guide for partners;
  • Choosing your birth team and referrals to local resources.
Investment: The fee for only doula prenatal meetings through video is $600. If you require in-person emergency doula support the day you go into labor, if available, an additional $1250 fee will apply.

I am a former Evidence Based Birth ® Instructor and have a compiled knowledge around childbirth and pregnancy I share with my clients  in the form of informational doula prenatal meetings/ instruction.


 Birth plan preparation Only

  • 2-3 hours birth plan prep meeting online;
  • Assistance in creating a document to reflect your expectations;
  • Navigate through the stages of labor and the options you may have on each.
  • How to talk to your medical staff;
  • When should I go to the hospital/birth center/call midwife?
Investment: The fee for online birth plan counseling meeting is $300. 

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