I don't know how we could have done it without her. She was a true blessing sent to us for a reason. If we ever decide to have a second baby, we will definitely contact her again!
I am a physician from Brazil and so Tatiane helped me a lot both prenatally and in the delivery. She showed a lot of professionalism and helped us in such a way that is not even possible to describe in here. (M.M.)
My husband and I were looking for a doula for the birth of our first child in Houston since we are away from home and lacking emotional and physical support. We spoke to a couple of doulas but eventually decided on Tatiane because she is well- informed and knowledgeable about natural birth. She is also extremely patient and supportive. (C.T.) 
I loved having Tatiane with us during my fast and furious birth. We hadn't met before hand because we decided last minute to hire a doula, but as soon as she walked into l&d(only a few minutes after we arrived) she jumped right in to help. It felt like she knew exactly what I needed without me having to say anything- counter pressure, essential oils, a shoulder to lean on. After birth she was equally as helpful with information pertaining to my choices and how to make them happen in the easiest ways possible. If we decided to have another baby, I would definitely love it if Tatiane was there to support our family again. (R.T.)
She was supportive and reassuring throughout and it was really comforting for my husband and I.
We are really thankful for Tatiane and would definitely recommend anyone looking for a doula! 
I looked for a doula because I desired a positive natural birth experience and I was apprehensive about it as a first time mom-to-be. Looking back, I feel as though she made the biggest difference and helped make it possible. Her warm and calm personality as well as tremendous professionalism really shone through in my memories of the experience.

 She was a reassuring presence and with her techniques she eased my discomfort so much.  I had an elective induction by doctor's recommendation and she was knowledgeable about that.  She also provided helpful information for various questions I had about labor, breasfeeding and infant care, during and after my pregnancy. I highly recommend her to any woman who is looking for more support, and to help ensure a positive birth experience.
Tatiane, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there for the birth of our daughter. I specially couldn't have asked for a more kind, loving, calm, helpful doula. Your support and guidance will always be remembered and thanks to you my experience this time around was so much more special and memorable. You have a gift for helping others, I feel extremely lucky to have had you as our doula.
Tatiane was absolutely amazing as our Doula. We found her very last minute(9month) and she worked with us through the whole labor process as if she had known us for a long time. Tatiane stayed with us for 2days straight giving my husband a lot of support and helping both of us when things got hard. We will never forget all she has done 
She stayed with us throughout the whole birth that lasted another 13 hours after she arrived. My wife and I took a birth (...) class learning methods to get through contractions, but nothing we learned seemed to help. Tatiane had a whole extra bag of tricks up her sleeve. My wife was amazed by the relief she was able to provide. She also helped out with other things as well, like taking pictures, making sure I (the husband) also ate and kep hydrated or let me know when I could get some rest.
Tatiane was our back up doula for our birth. However, she quickly became our most trusted advisor and support person.. I could not imagine going through the birth experience without the support of Tatiane. It was also great to have her visit after the baby was born 

Tatiane recently attended my birth as my doula and let me say she was such a blessing for me. When first we met I knew right away she was a warm, caring person and would serve me well.

She was my rock. She was gentle and calm and her touch was welcoming. I drew so much strength and comfort from her presence. She was knowledgeable, composed and advocated for me several times knowing my wishes.
 I am a physician from Brazil and living in Houston for a research sabbatical period with no family nearby and only very few good friends, and so Tatiane helped me a lot both prenatally and in the delivery.
 Our family will be forever grateful for her to put so much effort in order to do her job as a Doula in such a great way.
I am thrilled that we had Tatiane to support us on our journey. She is an incredible doula and a person who will always be in our hearts.
The birth of my beautiful baby girl happened to be a vaginal birth after two c-sections (VBA2C) at home in the water and I can say Tatiane was a huge part of it being successful and peaceful. I would DEFINITELY recommend Tatiane as a doula for any woman. She was amazing and you will feel greatly taken care of.

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