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Studies show families have better birth outcomes when Doulas are present: lower medical interventions and a higher overall satisfaction of the birthing experience, regardless the type of birth you plan to have. If you are  planning either a home or hospital birth, natural, epidural or cesarean, anyways your family will be benefited by the support of a Doula.

One of the key aspects of the involvement of Doulas at births is that we proportionate an emotional sense of security by maintaining a “constant presence” throughout labor, providing specific labor support techniques and strategies, encouraging laboring women and their families, and facilitating communication between mothers and medical caregivers. [Impact of Doulas on Healthy Birth Outcomes, Kenneth J. Gruber, PhD, Susan H. Cupito, MA,and Christina F. Dobson, Med].

When to contact your doula?

It is never too late or too early in pregnancy to contact me. 
Call or text me with questions or concerns, anytime:

  • As a Certified Doula, I have knowledge on the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor, and a variety of previous births attended.  My work is not related to any specific hospital or birth center to better serve the families' interests.
  • First of all, we will have one first free meeting on a place as a Starbucks to know each other and talk more.
  • During pregnancy, 2 prenatal visits are included where we will discuss your birth preferences, expectations, concerns, resources, needs and other preparations. 
  • Once labor starts, I’ll join you either at home or at your place of birth when you need hands-on support;
  • I will stay by your side throughout the entire labor, providing emotional support, physical comfort measures, unbiased and non-judgmental informational support;
  • One of my goals as your Doula will be to facilitate communication between  you, your partner and your birth team;
  • Incentive and facilitate your partner to participate at his and yours comfort level.
  • It is important for me that you have the memories of your birth experience, nurtured and protected.
  • If photography is one thing you consider important as part of your birth memories, either you have a professional birth photographer or not, I offer to take some pictures when able. 
  • I will stay with you for immediate postpartum support of approximately 1-2 hours, or until the baby has nursed successfully and the family is settled. I will check with you the best time for one postpartum visit to discuss your birth, talk about what you want to. We can also discuss breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, co-sleep, etc.

I have attended births in all different scenarios (home births, birth center births, most hospitals) in  Houston and great Houston, I  highly admire, respect and bring with me the strength and determination of each family/ laboring woman I supported. I had myself gave birth three times, three different situations and for all of them I had a Doula with me. I can recognize many aspects on which they were worthy and essential, not only during labor and birth, but during all the preparations and decisions we need to make while pregnant. 

I recognize birth is a powerful event for all women. The forces involved are intense enough to make us vulnerable and susceptible, and, at the same time, so conscious, we are able to remember and will retell it all many times. Birth has the power to transform us. As a Doula and mom, I recognize how important this moment is for you and for your family, and I am here to support  the gentle birth of your baby.



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