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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My dear midwife lend me a book in my last pregnancy to read with the kids about having a baby at home.

The night my husband read the book for us before bed time (at that point on pregnancy, even reading a small book made me puffy), I will not forget. He couldn`t barely finish, it brought tears to his eyes, and mine and the kids got that book touched us. They payed attention and could repeat the whole story to grampa when he came to stay with us.
It is now one of the books I pursuit for my own library and is available if you want if you want to read with your kids. I recently took it with me for a client in early labor, with excited big siblings. Her family had a good time, and natural oxytocin flowed.
Hello Baby  by Jenni Overend and Julie Vivas

 As the authors define, it is a book to celebrate the birth of a baby with warmth and honesty and joy.

 Do you have a book, video, show, etc that helped your kids and family get involved for the new baby arrival?

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