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Monday, April 18, 2016

My first blog post ever. OK, breathe (I'm telling myself). 

I've being avoiding this for a long time. My life as a mom (what is for the last 6 years) has got a lot from blogs here and there. I met people I never physically saw before, and that probably I will follow forever. If those people had never speak up their thoughts, what they instinctively lived, I'd have never knew them, or get to know an idea different from mine, or read my own way of thinking written somewhere.

So, although I thought it is a good idea to share ideas, and that there is always something new, that may not have being pointed before, or put together in a certain way, I was always holding back about having a blog. English is not my mother tongue (as you may have noticed or as you will), that is one point. It takes time and requires attention. Well, I'll try and see. My teachers used to ask: "what do you do between midnight and 6am?"; I will sleep at that time if I am not out for a birth, but the thing is the more things we do, the more time we find for them. You will find (many) people who does not agree with you, we are all human beings and nobody thinks in the same way, which is great. "Be together, not the same". It enriches the dialogue.
"Be together not the same"
I was trying to figure out what my first blog post would be about, and it is about blog posts itself. 

Once an idea is born on your mind, it exists already (OK, some are not worthy, let's really forget about those). If you are questioning yourself so much about something, go deep on that, investigate, trust your instincts. If you want to write about something, share an idea in person with someone, try a new job, read about different politic visions, considering having one more baby, anything, if it is a recurring idea, see what is behind it, read, talk, elaborate it. Our instincts are valuable.

In my own life, all the time I followed them, it never failed. When we were deciding to let a third child come to our family, it took a lot of talking and instinct trust. We could not imagine our lives today without our baby. During the third pregnancy, I considered not having a Doula, Because it was going to be one more expense, I had have 2 births before so I should know what to expect. I regretted not having more photos of my first two, more than anything, so it would be better to invest on a photographer. But my baby insisted in staying breech (with head-up position) until very late on the pregnancy. And I figured out I would need more than just me, my husband and the care providers I chose; that I would need the informed, evidence based, unbiased support and attention of a Doula. It is trick how even having had Doulas on the preview pregnancies, every pregnancy is unique and new. How did I forget it is not an expense but an investment? And so we did, I hired my Doula. My baby turned, she could have turned anyway. But I know her tips and suggestions helped me with my choices and my peace of mind played an important role for the good experience I got from the birth of our loved baby. 

Trusting my instincts one more time, I decided giving the Doula training a chance in my life. It was just so good reading all those books about topic that completed my life. The training itself, meeting people with ideas alike. And more reading.I'll take these feelings forever too. But then, actually attending births, I know now it all makes so much sense. And again it is so much about instinct trusting. 

Our life time is this, I hope you can trust your instincts, go deep on them, write about them(it helps). Share them, maybe?

Phew, and this was a blog post right?

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